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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"100%" - Moloko (Statues, 2002) 
I have a bad habit of rushing things, and I can hear that sage advice of "good things come to those who wait" reeling in my head in my late-Granny's voice, but I'm sorry, 2011 can't come fast enough for me. One partial reason is that maybe, by stroke of chance Roisin Murphy is going to drop something new. Yeah, yeah, she's had a baby last year, and she tied us over with songs like "Oral Fixation" and "Momma's Place". That's fine and dandy. Just a physical full-length album is more my greedy speed. While I wait for that "good thing", going back to Roisin's time in Moloko is whetting my appetite at the moment.

Moloko, the collective Murphy was in with producer Mark Brydon, was the launching pad of what Roisin Murphy's solo career became, and it was a great ride. As many albums as they have put out since 1995, I have to say their 2002 swan song, Statues, is my favorite. One of the main reasons is for "100%" which is a fantastic foray of Moloko going full force in a more live instrumental sound. A sound that they had been building up to at this point. The brass arrangement is the main attraction of this song, and I immensely love the climax of this song as it builds into a Latin-tinged frenzy. "100%"  was, sadly, never released as a single and usually gets passed over for other standout Statues tracks like "Forever More" and "Cannot Contain This". Still it's really mesmerizing in a live setting (as you can see below) and if you can allow your ears to hear the album'll be hooked


  1. Of the four Moloko albums, I own them all, this is my favorite. The chant break is gorgeous.-QH

  2. Ah yes, that chant break...the brass instruments just give me life on that, it is just wonderfully arranged.


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