Album Watch: 'Love, Tweet' To (Finally) Be Released

Friday, January 7, 2011

Add this to my 'Great Expectations of 2011', but Tweet is finally finally releasing her Love, Tweet project this year.

I know. Don't hold your breath, Audio Diva.

But...Tweet has reinvigorated the possibility. Tweet 'tweeted' about the news (Tweet, tweeted, ha!) earlier this week, and she also dropped the word: 'mixtape' into the pot claiming that a mixtape will be in the works to help tide us over and hear what she has in store for the full course meal. I've been starving since 2008, so I guess an appetizer is worth the wait...

For those who have had amnesia over the last couple of years, the Love, Tweet album has been in talks since '08, with songs such as "Love Again", "Real Lady" and "Anymore" wandering around aimlessly online being claimed as new material for the record. The album never materialized after Tweet left her record label, Umbrella Records, and with this record label strife, the album just sat in limbo. Now for 2011, it might get to be the follow-up to Tweet's earlier albums, 2002's Southern Hummingbird and 2005's It's Me Again. Or so I hope. Tweet is one of many who seems to always have an album sitting in limbo due to the record label just sitting on the project  (i.e. Teedra Moses, Van Hunt), hopefully, Ms. 'Southern Hummingbird' will get out of that trap.

To refresh your memories and hear the 'what if' of Tweet's work with Love, Tweet, the songs "Love Again" and "Anymore" are feature after the cut...and I will interject that the songs were actually top notch. Hopefully, they will get breathed a second life if placed on the new record.


  1. Her last album, barring a bump or so, was really underrated and excellent. She has a unique vocal approach, tone, and style. I hope she does her thing, apart from Missy, and just delivers cool adult, sexy, story telling R&B love letters.-QH

  2. You know that I'm so ready for this album, you won't see me for dust when it's released.


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