Artist Watch: The Adventures Of Maylee Todd

Monday, January 24, 2011

I love a quirky person. Well, not too quirky, you know, like the weirdos you meet at the bus stop or liquored up ones in bars with cover bands as headliners. In the music sense, I like a singer who colors out of the lines, thinks out of the box, and then wears the box as a hat. Maylee Todd is one of those 'wear the box as a hat' types. How so? Well, she plays the Paraguayan harp. She plays the guitar. She's got a saucy humorous wit. She calls her backing band, Pegwee Power. She's got a zinger of a debut, 2010's Choose Your Own Adventure (like the name, remember the books?)...and if my words can't express any more variance, then check the album art for Adventure. See I told you. Still it's all cool, as Adventure is quite an engulfing experimental romp with songs like "Summer Sounds" and "Aerobics In Space" (which feels very Issac Hayes "Shaf"t-like from the jump) playing into the ‘Bossa-meets-Funk-and-Indie’ sound that is biographically described. It's a short collection of instrumentals and vocal exercises, yet you get fully acquainted to this Canadian's roundabout style---and the funk doesn't let you down.

Todd has been popping up in her homeland with having a spots on Much Music and appearing live with acts like Aloe Blacc and Little Dragon, among others. If I could compare Todd to someone, it would be Janelle Monae with a nod to Nelly Furtado in her Folklore days, but that is just being a lazy music journalist again. She's really cut from her own McCall fashion pattern. You can find Maylee on all the social networks here, and then snag Adventure on her Bandcamp page for less than $20. But before you do that last bit, take a listen to two of my favorites, plus view "Aerobics In Space" music video after the cut for a wild comic book superhero treat. Take this adventure now...

Maylee Todd - Aerobics In Space

Maylee Todd - Summer Sounds 

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