Artist Watch: Ain't No CocknBullKid About It

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ooh. To. Be. Ah. CocknBullKid is a name that I've been hearing for a good long while, but finally got off my lazy arse to fully engage. Once again, I was sleeping on what a vibrant find this UK star-in-waiting is. Cut from the same cloth as electronic spunks such as VV Brown, Santigold, MPHO, and Janelle Monae, getting into CocknBullKid's (aka Anita Blay) groove was a breeze. She had a song called, "One Eyed Closed", that caught my attention when I happened by on a blog surfing whim. It was one of those "if you like MPHO and VV Brown you'll like so-in-so" moments. Pressed play, and I was hooked.

In a flourish of angelic vocals from the Blay, 'Secret Agent Man'-esque basslines, and dazzle shimmers of synths, "One Eyed Closed" rocks a good one. Then...I had to know more. She has a Mary Poppins bag of songs since she's been recording since 2008, so it wasn't a chore to seek out even more musical goodies. Goodies came in the forms of her upcoming/currently buzzing, "Hold Onto Your Misery" (which you can hear after the cut) and her tart 80's Freestyle-esque "Clean Apart" from the time when she was just known as 'TheCocknBullKid' back in '08.

Blay has already won over a number over critics and bloggers, and her upcoming debut album, Adulthood, has got some anticipation rushing behind it, which is highly understandable considering the material that has already emerged. Still not sold? Take a listen at "One Eyed Closed" (see the music video after the cut), "Clean Apart", and her exceptional cover of  tourmate, Marina & The Diamonds' great pop caper "Shampain". Big big tunes we got here from a singer who we might be hearing even more from as 2011 progresses.

One Eyed Closed

Clean Apart

Shampain (Marina & The Diamonds Cover)

Camino: DiscoN/RCRD LBL

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