Audio Vision: The "Two" Jessie J's

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You know what is bizarre about Britain's newest hot shot, Jessie J? She sounds miles better than what "Do It Like A Dude" leads you to believe.

Ms. J took the top spot on the annual BBC Sound of... list (a list that also includes Jamie Woon and James Blake), and it's a little amusing that I've been reading around the webs (comment boxes, forums, etc.) that "Do It Like A Dude" isn't "that good". Yeah, that's what's heavily produced production and mainstream butchering gets you. 

It's really jarring how the music industry is, especially in handling vocal talents such as Ms. J, where you can really hear marketing tactics in play. It's almost like the part in Little Mermaid where Ursula the Sea Witch yanks Ariel's voice so that she can be with that hunky Prince Eric and keeps it in the shell necklace for her own private scheme. When I see videos of Jessie J where she's singing without all the synthesizers and just sangin'...I can't help think that she has been "Ursula Sea Witched" with her voice being completely drowned out and controlled by heavy production. 

Yeah, what's new? Still, it's really slick how it's being done, and I can't help but think prematurely that Jessie J's upcoming debut, Who You Are, will be filled with this same "gimmick", just to sell records. But the funny thing is...the girl can actually sing...

Exhibit A: Blogging pals over at Pinboard blog have set up yet another segment of their Rehearsal Rooms series (they've done others of this sort with of my favorites such as Electric Wire Hustle and Jamie Woon), and the intimacy is no different as you get to hear what "Do It Like A Dude" should sound like without all the trimmings and trappings.

Exhibit B: Jessie gave an impromptu performance last week in a New York subway of her upcoming song, "Who You Are", just with a boom box as an loose accompaniment.

I know I'm pointing out the obvious, but when you read a YouTube comment about Jessie J being the "White Nicki Minaj" (???) based on the original version of "Do It Like A Dude", you have to chuckle sadly at how this industry tends to tricks people. 

Camino: Pinboard/PunchBowl


  1. I thoroughly enjoy her vocals --even with the bells and whistles! She's fresh.

  2. i love jessie j she is my icon


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