Crisp N' Fresh Vids: 'Lost In The World' With Andy Allo

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Must be covers week this week...If you can reach into your memory bank, I spoke highly of singer-songwriter-adorable 'fro sporter Andy Allo on the strength of her 2009 debut, UnFresh. The album ended up being one of my favorites from 2009 due to tracks like "DreamLand" and "Hooked" reeling me in to this Sacramento-based singer's funky acoustical style, not to mention every single song was worth pressing the repeat button---multiple times.

I'm quite glad to see that Ms. Allo is still plugging away. Just yesterday she was a featured guest on BET's drama-com The Game, and word is that she is prepping a mixtape of some of her favorite hip-hop covers that we'll get to devour when springtime rolls around. At the moment we have an appetizer in the form of her spin on Kanye West's "Lost In The World" from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. As "Lost In The World" was my favorite cut from MBDTF (even ending up on my top 10 tracks this past year), it's really a treat to hear Allo take this on, and head on she goes with it as she strips it down giving it a serene down-tempo vibe. Covers like this I like, because it shows an attempt to take on a song of such familiarity and power and transform it  (see Mara Hruby's male covers for a further example). Kudos to Allo for this. Now I'm wondering what other covers she has up her sleeve for this mixtape? *rubs hands in anticipation* 

Camino: OKP


  1. Thanks Jennifer as usual for doing the hard work of keeping us informed of the great music out there - I - like all music lovers appreciate it and know how much time it takes to keep on top of the good stuff. I too loved Andy Allo's album and love Mara's covers --the ladies are really doing some great things. If you're interested in some great covers I've got a recommenation if you haven't heard them already: Res (she had a projet called "ReFried Mac" --it may still be in development) - but she's got "Edge of Seventeen" on her soundcloud as well as songs like "One"; Donna Summer's "On the Radio" and others. Glad to hear Emily King has new music - that was a very underrated album and I can't imagine the headspin of Grammy nomination to being dropped from your label - the music business is cruel - but like Res - I'm glad she's persevering and doing her thing.
    Oh-- and as for new music --if you're interested in Dutch soul music :) Joya Mooi (Hard Melk) and Numaads

  2. It's my pleasure, Gracie! Thank you for the lovely comments and for reading the blog :) I'll be sure to check out your suggestions (LOVE Res) as I'm always up for new adventures!

    I'm anxious to see what Andy Allo has up her sleeve, I had a listen to her debut the other day, hadn't listened to it in awhile, but it's just insanely good. Mara Hruby is one I'm awaiting her debut album as well, the girl has some skills!


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