Crisp N' Fresh Vids: Marsha Ambrosius Delivers A Message With 'Far Away'

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Music can provoke so much---we know this. Just some artists know that they can utilize their musical gifts to evoke thought-provoking messages that stick to the ribs long after the song dissipates. Marsha Ambrosius' has done just that with her new music video for her single, "Far Away". The Just Blaze produced track, which is to be on her upcoming, Late Nights, Early Mornings, was written in remembrance to a friend that she lost to suicide. In the visual, Marsha does the difficult task of handling art with a meaningful, personal, and powerful message, especially one that touches on topics that are tough to formulate into words and visuals. Like the pro that she is, she passes the test with flying colors.

In a bold and beautiful visual, Ambrosius puts the poetics into motion with a message to bring awareness against bullying, a message that can hit home for numerous people. With the staggering and unsettling number of teen suicides this past year, this video is timely and an eye-opener to a serious problem that society sometimes tries to brush under the rugs. So take a peek after the cut to view the official video, and give a big thumbs up to Marsha for bringing this conversation back to light and for being an artist who brings meaning with beautiful compositions such as this.


  1. I love this video and the song, incredible.

    The fact that Marsha uses it to get such a strong message acoss is just amazing.

    This is one album I am DEFINITELY looking forward to, I adored Floetry and I'm a huge fan of their solo work too.

  2. I agree. I wasn't expecting this today, it is just incredible.

    I'm expecting such big things for Marsha's debut, she's already doing it big with this one!


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