Crisp N' Fresh Vids: P!nk's 'Perfect' Personal Message

Monday, January 24, 2011

Like Marsha Ambrosius before her, P!nk has made her art speak for itself by bringing awareness to the  unsettling surge of suicides, cutting, and school bullying with her new video for Greatest Hits...So Far single, "F**kin' Perfect". Starring Tina Majorino (Big Love, Napoleon Dynamite, and Corrina, Corrina), the video follows a young woman through her adolescent isolation into adulthood, and how she overcomes. For those who have experienced or known of someone who has been in a similar situation, this video really hits home. 

Brash and always never afraid to stir the pot up a bit, P!nk is one of few pop artists that continues to be genuine and sensitive in her delivery of a heavy handed subject like this. Many probably wouldn't even attempt to tred these waters, but she did. Since she knew she will be rattling nerves with her visual, P!nk also gave a special statement about why she chose to focus her single on these issues, and why we shouldn't ignore these escalating problems. Her message and the video (which is NSFW) is after the cut:

From P!nk's Site:

My favorite books, art pieces, films, and music, always have something jarring about them. I want art to make me think.
In order to do that, it may piss me off, or make me uncomfortable. That promotes awareness and change, or at least some discussion.
That is my intention.
You can't move mountains by whispering at them.

Cutting, and suicide, two very different symptoms of the same problem, are gaining on us. (the problem being; alienation and depression. the symptoms; cutting and suicide). I personally don't know a single person who doesn't know at least two of these victims personally. A lot of us have seen certain starlets showing off their latest scars on a red carpet somewhere, usually right before they head back to their favorite rehab.

Its a problem, and its something we should talk about.
We can choose to ignore the problem, and therefore ignore this video, but that won't make it go away.
I don't support or encourage suicide or cutting.
I support the kids out there that feel so desperate/numb/powerless, that feel unseen and unheard, and can't see another way.. I want them to know I'm aware. I have been there. I see them.
Sometimes that's all it takes.

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  1. I can really relate to this video, and I feel like P!NK is now my 2:nd mom, 'cause she understands. This video and the song is amazing, and I love it soooo much. it helps me to know that she cares, and that she thinks I'm perfect.
    I'm 14 years old, and I've been cutting for about a year now.


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