First Impressions: Emily King To Take Second Flight?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Emily King's East Side Story album was very good to me (and my ears) in 2007. Very. It was just a great feel-good album that in the time I religiously played it, it hit all the right notes, vibes and words for me. Well, it still does, but at the time, King was fresh and new on the scene and she wasn't someone who was from the typical- over-hyped-singer-songwriter- underground-music-snob-praising basket---and I liked that about her and her album, which had spunk and was genuine from the jump. With songs like "Walk In My Shoes" and "U & I", King's debut (which became nominated for a Grammy) really locked into my attention, and like any other music junkie, I wanted another fix. As if she took the phone off the hook to avoid the bill collectors, King sort of dropped off the music map, and with the added news of her departure from J Records, the question came up: Where is Emily King and is when in hell is she coming back with a follow-up to East Side Story?!? Well, good things come to those who wait, as King is apparently preparing for second flight in '11. Or so I'm led to believe...

Poking around on the Internets led me to King's Soundcloud page, and what popped up were not one, but four songs that are shiny and new to my ears. I don't know where "Georgia", "Radio", "Down" and "My Friend" came from or where they are going to go, but who really cares about the technical stuff? It's new, it's good (especially "Down"---some goodness right there) and it's Emily King coating them all with that honey butter voice she's got. I have to gamble that these are the first inklings from an upcoming album, but whatever the case, if you've been anticipating to hear something fresh from this vocalist, by all means check the streams before and after the cut to be pleasantly surprised at what Ms. King is prepping for round two.

Emily King - Georgia

Emily King - Down

Emily King - Radio

Emily King - My Friend


  1. Oh my days, I was just tweeting the other day how her last album was so damn good. I definitely need something new from this artist.

    Thankyou so much for these!

  2. You're welcome :) I'm thanking Emily King for coming back, and just as strong as well. I was a little shocked to stumble upon these the other night...2011 is getting to be better by the days!

  3. 2011 is shaping up rather nicely, what with the Terri Walker album coming up as well and then Jill and Syleena albums, plus Ginuwine, Tweet, more Corinne, mixed along with Adele. *gasps* 2011 will be magnificent.


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