First Impressions: Mya Emerges With In The "Fabulous Life"

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why I like Mya...I'll never know. Why I keep up with her is another mystery. Maybe because I feel that she set up the handbook from what Ciara, Keri Hilson, and others of R&B/Pop starlet fancy nowadays are flipping through like Cliff Notes to weak result. Or maybe it's because I loved every bit out of 2003's Moodring. Whatever the reasons, Mya was a great early noughties answer for Paula Abdul as she danced up a mess during that time--plus had energetic songs to boot.

Since the US is giving her the cold shoulder, Mya has been feeling more love in Japan and as she has already released and found success for her last two albums, Liberation and Sugar & Spice there. Now she's releasing Fabulous Life this year with hopes to not only stay true to her J-Pop following, but also get the States excited again. She's bringing the fun again with the album's very Kylie Minogue-ish title track which popped up this past week in all of it's synth-disco pop goop. 

If you remember "Free" from ten years ago (!!), "Fab Life" is it's poppier younger cousin. I was setting up to cringe at this, but I found myself actually enjoying it. This is just step one for this project as Mya is already working on the video to her next single, "Love Is The Answer" (she's even donning a blonde wig for the occassion, slightly taking a cue from Donna Summer's Mistaken Identity  days---glad to see no blue contacts though...) plus mapping plans for not only as 7th, but an 8th album. Looks like I got some more keeping up to do! For now, keep in step with Mya with taking a listen to "Fabulous Life", if you're in the mood for something on the poppier side.

Mya - Fabulous Life


  1. Thanks for the link reference, love your blog by the way.

  2. No problem, thanks for the info! And thanks for reading and enjoying the blog :)


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