Take 5 Friday: Magic Aphrodite, Pop Dust, and Singing About Antique Fish Tanks

Friday, January 14, 2011

 Re-heating leftovers of the week...

1. Love Is The Drug: If I could marry Jose James' voice, I would. It's just that good. Maybe it's me being a girl n' all, but a guy has to have a certain type of voice to really get me riled up and excited---okay, that's a little overly confessional, but I'll class it up with this unreleased number from James' Blackmagic sessions that bubbled up this week. "Vicadin" has James and Flying Lotus collaborating (those two need to do an album together, stat!), and the results are a laid-back groove that chills you ever so slightly. Perfect to put on to slow your roll down on this Friday. You can listen to it here, and also listen to another track, the tribute "Coltrane (Alice)" as an added smooth operator bonus.

2. Antique Fish Tank: By no means am I a Josh Groban fan (okay, the guy can sing a damn Christmas song), but if he did an album of singing the greatest tweets of Kanye West, I'd buy it. No gift card needed. Not sold on the idea? Watch this clip from Jimmy Kimmel's show as Groban discusses his new "album" and sings the greatest tweets of Mr. West. If you follow 'Ye on Twitter, you know what this is all about...

3. Can You Hear Me In Stereo?: As if Janet Jackson wasn't enough to send me into a diva shock this year...Kylie Minogue is touring the US this Spring with her Aphrodite-LIVE 2011 World Tour. She's even hitting up the Lone Star State this time 'round. She must have totally read my open letter. It would so happen that I would be out of the Dallas area when she is in fact stopping there, how's that for ironic? Now I'm thinking I should have done a Van Wilder and just stayed in college to be able to catch all these great shows...but alas, tuition prices make you skedaddle. My knowledge of a Kylie show is straight from DVD's and her YouTube viewings. Her 2008 X Tour (which is streaming all over the YouTube) was fantastic, so no doubt Aphrodite will be just as major. On this tour, expect lots of Greek goddess inspired garb, columns, water fountains---just look at the 3-D video for the stage set-up if you think I'm sniffing the glue. Mi gosh. This is gonna be a show. Tour dates you can find here.

4. The Magic Touch: This is like watching water boil. It's gonna happen, but the wait is excruciating. Once again Amy Winehouse is being pegged for the comeback circuit, based on her popping up in Brazil last weekend to take the stage to sing a Tony Bennett cover. Hot on it's heels was the "leak" of a live version of an unreleased Frank track, "Mr. Magic", a song that I remember from way back when, just now, everyone "acquired" it to bounce on the ye ole iPod. Of course this means something. Just that nobody knows what this something is. And that concludes your Amy Winehouse 'Will She Comeback Or Not?' Watch for the week...

5. Link Of The Week: I'm blog scoping Pop Dust this week, as it's the new home to one of my favorite music writers, Maura Johnston. If you have been music blog reading for awhile, Johnston is a familiar name as she was the main writer over at Idolator, before it went under new management. Pop Dust already has tackled to review the new Britney Spears tune, counting down all of Janet Jackson's #1 hits, and were the brave souls to do a post about that specimen known as Gucci Mane and his (dumb ass) ice cream cone tattoo. Well, if you're not too underground with the groove, appreciate some of what mainstream has to offer, and if you miss your pop news with a side of snark, then Pop Dust should be your new haunt.

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