Crisp N' Fresh Vids: Cee-Lo's 'Bodies' Gets It's 'Law & Order: SVU' On

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


From first listen, Cee-Lo's "Bodies" was instantly a favorite off of The Lady Killer, and like many I was dying for a single release. Wish has been granted.

To match the seedy shivers of  the 70's cop movie soundtrack elements the song possesses, the six-minute visual for "Bodies" follows in that same sinister plot line vein. Directed by Mikael Colombu (who gets monster brownie points for thinking outside of the box on this), we have Mr. Green portraying (literally) a "lady killer" who is on the hunt for high-heeled women to feed his fancy, and who keeps their heels as trophies to his crimes. When he decides to make a target for Janelle Monae (who makes an appearance), what he doesn't expect is that Monae is on his trail and has a plot all of her own. In true mystery fashion we are left at a cliff hanger with Monae's "Locked Inside" playing, leading one to believe that the two tracks are conjoined for a further collective purpose. Kerry Washington, Karl Largerfield (well...his "shoulder"), Raphael Saddiq, Common, and a "locked inside" Bilal, make appearances in this artistically driven music video pleasure.

I sort of don't want to give all the details embedded in this video away as their are tongue n' cheek antidotes galore that you would have more fun unwrapping them yourself. Plus, I swear by a Nancy Drewdisim oath (made that up) that I would never do such a thing. Not since Erykah Badu's "Honey" video from back in '08 have I've been from start-to-finish entertained for a music video and actually watched again for a second, third time. For that, I have to say "Bodies" is one of the best ones I've seen since the year kicked off. Hooray for progress!

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