Crisp 'N Fresh Vids: Don't Test Her...Beth Ditto's Homage To Madonna

Monday, February 21, 2011

And the Madonna homages just keep coming in like popcorn from the popper...You know I have nothing against a good homage, rendition or whatever, but it just seems that some singers today can't really be themselves without trying to be someone else. How can you build a legacy for yourself when you're biting off someone else's? Still if you're gonna bite off The Madge, then do it with some finesse and don't try to act like you're doing it for the pristine time. This is why I don't feel that Beth Ditto pulled a fast one (i.e. Lady GaGa's "Born The Way") or came off uninspired (Christina Aguliera's "I'm Not Myself Tonight") with her "Justify My Love"-esque video to her flipping fantastic single, "I Wrote The Book". In fact, this is quite a classy and raucous flattery to the original source, considering it fits into the whole 90's dance revival sound that Ditto has thematically done on her self-titled EP. Plus, Ditto looked like she had a fun time (she's working those dresses), and how can I blame a fun time?

Oh, and I'm still shouting from the mountain tops how much I love Beth Ditto's EP. From the cover art to the pulsating gathering of tunes ("Open Heart Surgery" and "Book" are my two faves)'s just a real blast to listen to. Snag it if you already haven't.

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