First Impressions: Erik Hassle Has Guilty Dancing Feet On 'Are You Leaving'

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's been a spell since I've heard anything from Erik Hassle. He just kind of  *poof* wasn't there anymore after his 2009 debut, Pieces failed to ruffle any waves in the music fabric of the UK and US, even though the hype single, "Hurtful" was quite a strong single entry. Personally, I loved his debut (when it was released as Hassle), and him adding MPHO to the equation on "Don't Bring Me Flowers" was one of my favorite moments from '09. Yet, nobody caught on to what he was serving up. Maybe with "Are You Leaving" coming bubbling up on the blogs, people will get the message that Hassle is a bright talent worth delving into.

Since Swedes know their pop music (see Robyn, Roxette, Lykke Li...uh, duh, ABBA), it's not jarring that Hassle has upped the electronics and has opted to give a "guilty feet have got no rhythm" pulsating power ballad on his hands. I can just imagine that in the next couple of months, this song will be getting the remix treatment due to it's dimensional sound. Hopefully any re-imagingings won't distract from the overall crackle n' pop gloss that is splashed over this, as everything right down to the chorus of this song is quite perfect just the way it is. Since snagging it the other day, it's been on heavy rotation with me. Some are already comparing the tune to Robyn's "Dancing On My Own" from last year. Yeah, if you squint, you can hear the two tunes have a similar structure, but that opinion shouldn't distract you from what "Are You Leaving" has in store, because it's pop done the "grown folks" way.

Hassle is releasing his second album (yay!), Mariefried Sessions, this Spring (March 23rd to be accurate), and hopefully Hassle continues in this direction of sweeping sophisticated disco ballads, because the look looks mighty good on him. 

Erik Hassle - Are You Leaving? 

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