First Impressions: Lady GaGa Is 'Born' Again

Friday, February 11, 2011

So the wait is now over. Lady GaGa's "Born This Way", the song, has arrived. You can exhale now.
For months, "Born This Way" has been rattled off by many critics and insiders summarily as GaGa's biggest (and even greatest) achievement. As usual, that sort of hype tampers the actual listening experience. I'm actually quite disappointed with this as the track doesn't have that court n' spark like "Bad Romance" did when it invaded my ear drums, and when the last notes fizzled out I wasn't easing down the road like Dorothy and the Scarecrow, to say the least. Well, excuse me, I've been a bad mood all week, because the track isn't overly awful.

In  the wake of the 'It's Get's Better' campaign and recent songs and videos from artists like P!nk ("Raise Your Glass", "F*ckin' Perfect") and Marsha Ambrosius ("Far Away") that touch on embracing differences and evoking self-esteem GaGa's "Born" does remotely the same. In all of it's camp, spark, and preach, it does keep that belief in thought, which is applauding. Another high point for me was surprisingly GaGa's voice. When the chorus kicks in she sounds raw and matured. She even takes her vocal to a funkier domain, especially when she blares out in the best bit "ooo baby, there ain't no other way, I was born this way!" It's all kind of 90's House saucy in a way. 

Though muddied up with overbearing synths and effects, the real downfall of the song is that it looms in the technical shadow of Madonna's "Express Yourself". Since it's leak this morning, flourishes of responses have popped up to state it's too close comparison to Madge's 1989 hit. Can't say I blame them, as that was my exact thought when I first heard it. Still my opinion won't matter much as the song is geared to be Billboard's thousandth #1 hit and rabid fans of GaGa will no doubt gobble this up and defend it. Just that I'll be the casual fan who'll wait for the next single to see if I'm really going to be excited about GaGa's junior venture.

Lady GaGa - Born This Way

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