First Impressions: Teedra Moses Adores U

Monday, February 7, 2011

I always got time for Teedra Moses. Whether she's releasing a mixtape, a random loose single, or just popping up on my Twitter feed, it's always a drop everything occasion, and that time is usually always well spent. Yes, I've given up on that dream that she's going to follow-up Complex Simplicity any time soon. Shoot, I'm not watching the water boil, cause nothing comes from that...but at least Ms. Moses is releasing things here and there to keep me occupied, especially her uncorking this new song to coincide with a special occasion.

Over on her blog, Teedra is celebrating the impending candy coated holiday called Valentine's Day by making it all about the music as she counts down Valentine's Day memories that were submitted by fans and accompanying them with a special track from her music catalog, almost like a chocolate sampler box of goodies. This blog challenge of sorts is leading up to the video premiere of "R U 4Real" from last year's mixtape, Royal Patience on V-Day.

A couple of days ago, Teedra gave away a free download of a new song, the mellow "I Adore U" and it's a rather sultry slow jam all about making up and getting back to well...back to that love thang. It's decked out in typical Teedra Moses fashion, and it is enjoyable for what its worth. So if you're in the mood to get a head start on your Valentine's Day and aren't overly crabby yet, then listen and download away, and then be sure to keep an eye out over at Teedra's blog for more musical goodness. Who knows if she'll pop up with another brand new nugget for all? Suspense!

Teedra Moses - I Adore U

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