The Tape Deck: Wild Card!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I put my iPod on shuffle and these were the first ten songs I got...

Do like me and put your media player on shuffle and then put your 'wildcard' playlist in the comments.

1. Pure Shores - All Saints (2000)

2. Imaginary Playmates - Rene & Angela (1981)

3. Aerobics In Space - Maylee Todd (2010)

4. Love Rears It's Ugly Head - Living Colour (1990)

5. Wish We Could Go Back - Vivian Green (2005)

6. The Sweetest Days - Vanessa Williams (1995)

7. Shut Up & Let Me Go - The Ting-Tings (2009)

8. One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx (1983)

9. L.E.S. Artistes - Santigold (2008)

10. Frontin' - Pharrell Williams (2004)

1 comment:

  1. 1. Crazy For You - Shwayze
    2. Malibu - Hole
    3. Dem Haters - Rihanna
    4. Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger
    5. That's All She Wrote - T.I.
    6. Piece Of My Heart - Yummy Bingham
    7. Happy Nation - Ace of Base
    8. Forever - Mariah Carey
    9. Enchantment Passing Through - Heather Headley (from the Broadway show Aida)
    10. Freak Accessory - Diyana


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