Artist Watch: She's No 'Ragamuffin'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Selah Sue is a name that has been bouncing around in my consciousnesses, but she got pushed in the back of my mind, being saved for a rainy day. While it hasn't rain here (let drought season commence), I happened on her self-titled debut album the other day and had to not let this week go by without mentioning how much I enjoyed it. A lot.

Knowing that Selah had made an appearance on Cee-Lo's The Lady Killer (she popped up on "Please")  and seeing that she had him featured on here, I did a "why not?" shrug and was pleasantly surprised at how much of a straight through pleasure her first full effort is. As a debut, that is sort of a hard feat to accomplish.

On Selah Sue, Selah takes on a hearty helping of Reggae, in a similar light a la The Police (well, their first two albums). Not convinced? Look her up on YouTube and "White Girl Rhymes Like A Jamaican" is the first video to greet you. While color doesn't matter with me, sound does. There are some good old (and obvious) Bob Marley influences here and there, but present as well is some simmering soul stirred into a nice indie pop mix. No wonder she had worked with the likes of some of my favorites like Jamie Liddell, Meshell Ndegeocello, and Prince, her range is something to be lauded for. 

One of her previous EP's Raggamuffin has been rolling around for some time, and some of those songs are refurbished and returned on this debut set. Personally, her best are on the debut, such as the gritty brass backing of "Black Part Love" (which I find to be her best song) and the luscious "Summertime". So consume below for a little taste of what Selah Sue has to offer, and if you haven't done so already, keep her on your watch list, because I have a feeling she won't be a stranger for too long.  

Black Part Love


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