First Impressions: Patrick Stump Has Got A Nice Solo Thing Going On

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Remember Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance"? What's with the side-eye? That song was/is still a lot of fun, and there wasn't a party that I didn't go to my freshman year in college that didn't feature that song sometime during the evening. Since "Dance, Dance" and other random FOB tracks, I've quite liked lead singer, Patrick Stump's voice. It almost seemed too good for whatever FOB were doing that it just stuck out like a sore and melodic thumb.

The other day I stumbled across Stump doing a pretty spot on rendition of one of my favorite John Legend songs, "Green Light". I thought people had forgotten about that song, even though I loved it to bits, and Stump did a mighty fine and rambunctious rendition of it. Stump isn't just content on doing covers, he's got some of his own compositions in the works with his current EP, Truant Wave, out now, and his upcoming debut solo album, Soul Punk coming to light soon.

One of Wave's tracks, "Cute Girls" got a debut over at, and it's a buffet of Prince here, a little Michael Jackson there, and a dollop of what Justin Timberlake was doing (think FutureSexLoveSounds). Even though the song suffers from 'too much of a good thing syndrome', still it's not a bad attempt and it shows that Stump is testing new waters outside of FOB punk-pop sound for his solo venture. I'm more impressed with "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)", which has a nice piano-pop thing going on. Peep the song and it's newly minted video after the cut if you're curious to hear how Stump sounds on his own.

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