Album Watch: Beverley Knight's Homegrown Soul Return

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I adore Beverley Knight so it's exciting news that she is going to release a brand new album this year! *throws glitter* She's taking the 'covers album' route this time out with her upcoming Soul UK effort. Bev already dabbled into doing covers with her fabulous, Music City Soul record from 2007, where she tackled some Aretha and took on some Motor City Magic-esque tracks, but now she's paying homage to the soul scene in her native UK that inspired her to begin a singing career and the artists who helped and continue to pave the way. She will be taking on songs from some of my favorites such as, George Michael, Jamiroquai, Loose Ends, and Princess (she's doing "Say I'm You're Number One"!!) A few days ago she debuted the buzz single, her cover of Soul II Soul's "Fairplay", complete with Jazzie B on board, and it's a pretty hot rehash,  with a lofty little horn section. You can take a listen to it over at Bev's Soundcloud page.

In the meantime, just get prepped for the official single off of Soul UK, which will be a cover of Junior's classic "Mama Used To Say" , coming in June. Can't wait for this...

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  1. Thank you Jennifer for promoting Bev Knight - I too am a big fan --and like you --big fan means putting aside our resources for imports since sadly she is rarely promoted here. I can't wait --along with Say I'm your number one, which I love, Mama Used to say is fantastic. I've heard some of the tracks and can't wait. And I agree - MusicCitySoul was a great album and it was a shame and for me, a sad lesson in the craziness of this music business --that an album she came to the US to record with US session singers and musicians and producer --was not promoted AT ALL here during a time when retro (in its broadest sense) was getting hot. Sigh. Hopefully something will change for this record and I'm glad you're putting the word out. BTW - on a not similar style -but also UK singer note - Cocknbullkid's "Adulthood" comes out next month - can't wait - pre-ordering:)

  2. You're welcome Gracie :)

    I agree, Bev is barely known in the States (such a disappointing thing), but thank goodness for the Internet! heard some of the tracks! Which ones? I'm VERY curious what songs she covered from Loose Ends, Jamiroquai, and George Michael. And Princess is another R&B singer that never got her due. I have her first album and it's a great little gem, her and Haywoode (have you heard of her, I think I've featured her on here a few times) were just grossly underrated in the world of UK R&B.

    I enjoyed a lot of MusicCitySoul (my Tumblr is even named after one of the songs from that album) and was shocked at it's low promotion. It was like a 'Dusty In Memphis' for 2007...didn't understand it's low promo either.

    And thanks for the heads up on Cocknbullkid's debut, that's another one I'm looking forward too! Will be on the lookout :)

  3. You're welcome,
    Bev's George Michael song is the one that was popular here - "One more try". To tell the truth I don't know the Jamiroquai one --When you gonna learn (Here's a list of all the originals - And surprisingly the live DVD she is releasing with it is only of the covers- which I'm kind of disappointed about - since I may never see her live and would love to have something -and who knows if there will be a region 1 version (:( but a lot of that performance is actually on youtube if you put in Beverley Knight and Porchester Hall. She does the Princess song, Mama used to say, Always and Forever, Southern Freeze (don't know it) and others. I will definitely check out Haywoode - don't know that artist. My other underrated UK singer is Terri Walker. It is funny that Bev is covering a song by the Young Disciples which at the time was fronted by American turned Brit citizen Carleen Anderson (whose first album and Soul Providence are really good I think).
    Listening to Mirrorwriting as I type this - LOVE IT!


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