Album Watch: Ben Westbeech's Life

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For some reason, this week I got a hankering to listen to some House/Electronica music, and Ben Westbeech's latest, There's More To Life Than This came out at the right time, as it is hitting the spot.

The British renaissance man (he's producing, singing, DJ-ing, making the sandwiches, etc.) has been scribbled on my list of 'artists that I need to blog about' for some time since I heard "Something For The Weekend" which sounded like Jamiroquai's play cousin. Hell, a lot of There's More sounds like Jay Kay and the gang, but that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable and hearing what Westbeech brings to the table.

There's More is Westbeech's second release (he released, Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life, back in '07), and he's got the lounge soul man thing down pact. There really isn't a bad track on the record, thanks to the production credits of Soul Clap and George Levin & Motor City Drum Ensemble to name a few. Highlights such as the opener "The Book", "Falling" (see below), and "Same Thing" are immensely engaging and you'll hate that a dance floor isn't available when you hear them. Westbeech is really in his element when he sinks into a deep electronica on tracks like the bass drenched "Let Your Feelings Show" and "Justice", a track that spins you right 'round. My personal favorite is "Butterflies", an effective blend of house and jazz that opens up quite memorably---scatting for the win. I just love the build-up of the track.

Some really great sounds are to be heard on this, so take a further listen at the album preview below, and then scope out a purchasing option---you will not be disappointed. 

Ben Westbeech - There's More To Life Than This (Album Preview)


  1. I still have to listen to this throughly, but I LOVED Welcome to the best years of your life. So good. (i still listen to it actually)

  2. After hearing this, I need to cop 'Welcome To The Best Years Of Your Life'! I keep hearing that 'There's More' is better due to it being more condensed than his debut, but I'm quite hooked and would love to hear more.


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