Album Watch: Kate's Sense Of Snow

Monday, September 12, 2011

Did you know that I've been burning my bum down here in Texas? Apparently Texas is barreling towards the sun because we've had one of the worst droughts in history, and evidence of that is due to all those terrible grass fires that have been cropping up. So maybe by November we can get some relief from the heat and maybe I can beat it when Kate Bush drops her 10th studio album, 50 Words For Snow, which from the tracklisting looks like it'll be perfect affair to snuggle with hot cider with. Dare I jump the gun and say I have high hopes for this, considering how this year's Director's Cut, with it's re-imaginging of Bush hits gone by, was just a jumble of mess. Only seven tracks long, 50 Words For Snow, is clocking in at a lofty 65 minutes and each song will have the backing sound of snow.

How Kate Bush-y.

Take in that album cover, with Frosty the Snowman getting some sugar from a girl who obviously needs some Patene Pro-V. Don't understand why folks across the blog world are so murked by it---we should support all kinds of relationships, it's 2011, it's time that Snow Men and Human Women couples get some love too.


  1. Thanks Jennifer for this update - and I will say great news! The concept has me intrigued -great time to release it. Kate Bush and Bjork always manage to do that do me - have me wondering where their musical wanderings will take me--which means this Fall I'm in for a double treat! As for Director's cut - I didn't hate it - some re-imaginings I liked (Moment's of Pleasure, Top of the City)- I took it as her working through her musical past to make way for this. So we'll see. And Happy (Belated) Birthday.

  2. Gracie,

    Thank you for the B-day greeting :)

    That is true, working through your past to get to the future is a really neat thing to do. Thanks for putting it that way! Okay, I actually did like "Moments of Pleasure" (new lyrics yay!) but I was just really disappointed with the whole thing. I do agree about Kate and Bjork, even though you wanna roll your eyes about their concepts they always manage to win me over with thought provoking stuff. I'm VERY anxious to hear what both of them are going to do this year.


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