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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Here's someone I've been dying to blog about...

I'm paying cost to the boss called, Daley, UK's newest star-in-waiting, due to his take on "Like A Virgin".

I have had long loathed 1984 Madonna classic with a passion---and yes, I feel better typing that. It was always so brassy and moronic to me, overshadowing some of the more meatier cuts on the album of the same name. So Daley did myself a favor, he expelled the expiration date and actually classed it up---nice! He also has injected his own into Maxwell's "Pretty Wings", so clearly he's someone who is shooting the stars by tackling these types of tracks. That's not all that I love Daley as listening to his debut 'mixtape', Those Who Wait, there is more to gush over from this multi-talented charmer. His duet with Marsha Ambrosius, "Alone Together" is what further drew me into his mix, and songs like "Spent" and my favorite, "Let It Go" made me stay. There's an undertone of an electronic Stevie Wonder (think Hotter Than July and In Circle Square periods) nestled in there, but I love how subtle it is to where you can get a sense of Daley himself. So Robin Thicke needs to watch his space, because Daley is easily moving into his falsetto loverman turf.

So take in the mixtape and download at your leisure---I promise you won't be disappointed.

Daley - Those Who Wait (Mixtape)

[Download - Daley - Those Who Wait]

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  1. Thanks again Jennifer - And I agree - it is a great mixtape--I can't decide which songs I love most - but of the non-covers Spent, Game Over, Alone Together, Let it go are my favorites. I've heard albums that aren't as good as his mixtape --and frankly, while I'm thankful it's free - I would have paid something for it for all the work that went into it.

    And speaking of great EP's - check out Muhsinah's "Gone (Urban/Suburban)" .


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