Crisp N' Fresh Vids: Hometown Glory

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Maybe we should blame Jay-Z for "New York State of Mind" as now everyone has an anthem for their stompin' grounds. I guess this means I need to get my little camera and start filming me hanging out along the Riverwalk and bothering the tourists on the riverboats about their being sea monkeys in the SA River. C'mon, I need a YouTube hit just like everyone else....

Whether you're confused about Patrick Stump (about his new look, to why you find him attractive all of a sudden, to why you just now realized he's from Fall Out Boy), you can't help but find a little space in your heart for "This City" as it is zippy little pop number. It's not the best, but it's a passable introduction to what will become of Stump's upcoming, Soul Punk record. Lupe Fiasco does his bit, and whether you agree with his political stance or not, Fiasco doesn't disappoint. I'm more interested in the album cover for SP, than this video, but the first singles are just enough to get the pot stirring.

Nneka is going to make me quite happy later this year when her third album, Soul Heavy drops, as I'm loving the official first single from it, "My Home". How great is this visual? Filmed on location in her stompin' ground of Nigeria, Nneka gives us a character study of the many identities and personalities that occupy her homeland. Nneka has the right message concerning this song and video--- "home" is where our 'beginning, middle, and end' is.


  1. Yet another favorite I've found here! Nneka is so emotionally open and sweet and real.
    Finding your site has enriched my life. Thanks for all your work and all the sharing you do!

  2. Bess, why thank you! :) Glad you enjoy the blog and yes, Nneka is the best!


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