Quarter Life Crisis: Baby-I-I-I-Can't Wait

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I turn 25 this year and resting in a the comfortable grey area of a 'quarter life crisis'. To celebrate, for the next few weeks of September, I'm recapping some of my favorite albums and singles that are turning the big 2-5 along with me...

Baby-I-I-I-Can't Wait...!

According to today's music forecast, this is on the brink of cheesy, but you know what? I'll take this over about half of what construes as dance-pop these days, because it doesn't try too hard---it just is. It sets out to be a perfect blend of pop and freestyle with a little rhythm and blues (the guitar work and horns, yes!) swivel for that added kick and it passes with flying colors. You'd have to a real Scrooge to just hate this song.

Nu Shooz, a husband and wife duo out of Portland, Oregon, hit a goldmine in 1986 with "I Can't Wait", and scored a #3 hit with it. The duo would go on to have another hit, the equally infectious but oft forgotten, "Point Of No Return" and then the party was over. Still, having two hits is better than none, and at least you can't put a proper 80's compilation together without those two songs, proving that they did do something right.

To think they still play those opening bass lines at NBA games---see, some things never go out of style.


  1. I've always liked this song.

  2. You know, I feel like this is one of those songs & groups that emerged when you could have one hit, that has influence and resonance years after the fact.

    Kylie Minogue's "Body Language" alluded to Nu Shooz, one critic held it as a negative against her, for whatever reason why I'm not sure. Annie has a song on her second album "Don't Stop," the expanded edition, that escapes me that has a Nu Shooz kinda vibe.

    Vanessa Williams sampled this song for "Happiness," via Jam & Lewis," from her '97 record "Next." So, Nu Shooz is ok in my book.-QH

  3. YES! That is right Vanessa Williams did sample it for "Happiness"! Man, 1997, that was a great year for music for me.

    'Body Language' does have that Nu Shooz vibe, she was heavily influenced by the 80's on that record cause I heard some Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, 80's Chaka Khan and Scritti Politti (Green Gartside even did a guest vocal spot) in there as well. Critics can be snobby about stuff that they feel is "too cheesy" to recall again, we both know Kylie rocks and actually 'Body Language' was one of my fave Kylie records, I love it when she goes into doing R&B :)


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