Take 5 Fridays: Glass Hearts & (Not So Terrible) 90's Memories

Friday, September 9, 2011

Reheating the leftovers from the week...

1. Play On
When a music video is in black and white it's automatically sexy and artsy. It's like what Dave Chappelle said about things in "slo-motion" being cooler---black n' white videos always win the 'sexy wexy' contest, hands down. So the best video to drop this week was Goapele's "Play" which is the first (or second if you count "Milk and Honey") off of the Bay Area vocalist's pending, Break Of Dawn---and album that fans, like I, have long been awaiting on. So getcha sexy on for your Friday, if this song and video hasn't already consumed your week.

2. Overplayed and Ancient
Rolling Stone aka the 'holy grail of music magazines' (/sarcasm) released this week a list of the absolute worst songs of the 90's. Actually the list is dead on. Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out"...Aqua's "Barbie Girl"...*shiver*. Still a lot of these "awful" songs have sort of an endearing quality to them now in the 21st century considering at one point, these songs were top 10, even #1 hits. So let's think twice about that (and let's look at "Whip My Hair" in 10 years). Then there is the nostalgia wrapped up into these song to where I don't want to necessarily say they were they are horror film anthems. Back then I loved roller skating to Chumbawamba's "Tub Thumpin". Then there was a summer where I took into the Hanson "MMmmBop" craze  (The Spice Girls broke up that year, okay? I was vulnerable). And least we forget everybody and their grandma (including mine) was doing the "Macarena" back in mid-90's? So let's retool the list title, how about "The Worst Songs of the 90's That You Are Too Pretentious  For Now"?

Also the Village Voice released a list counting down the 10 Most Overplayed Party Jams. Honestly, I think they came up a bit short. The list is uber telling that in 2011---we suck at party jams, because all the 'overplayed' jams I'm thinking of are from the 80's and 90's. Unless I'm really showing my "old" age. Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" isn't really a 'party jam' more like a I'm-In-A-Piano-Bar-Wailing-While-I'm-Wasted-Jam (unless I'm going to the wrong parties?) and two Michael Jackson songs? Pish-posh! And no LADIES? Come on Beyonce didn't wager in there somewhere? Thank goodness for the addition of Bel Biv Devoe's classic "Poison" which is a song that can get a party started anytime, anywhere---I have memories of parties starting in gas station parking lots and Walgreen's drug stores to prove it.

3. Pull Up To The Bumper 
How about a pretty decent and spunky collaboration between Spank Rock and Santigold? Okay. Why not? "Car Song" is mostly Spank Rock's show for the upcoming album, Everything Is Boring and Everyone's A Fucking Liar  (whatta title!), but of course Santigold sort of steals the thunder here. This little groove line will suffice till Santigold returns with her highly anticipated sophomore album---which I've heard nothing but rumor upon rumor about since she released "Go!" back in the spring. Stop the shop talk and hurry it up!

4. Baduizm & Babies 
I didn't know what to make of this photo that ran across my Tumblr dashboard this week. Erykah Badu holding a little nugget of joy, hair a-flowin' and looking she's doing a revival of Jesus Christ Superstar? Automatically I thought, Well, doesn't this looks shopped! Alas, it wasn't, as Ms. Badu is thinking (or in the process of) moonlighting as a mid-wife. Yes, your thoughts about Badu being a mystical idol are true, just that she's going to be birthin' babies now. What can this woman not do? Aside from that, Badu shared a bite with Fuse and discussed her 1997 debut album, Baduizm, which she is performing in it's entirety at Rock The Bells currently. I'm always fascinated about how things are meant to be, like how a collective of people just magically come together to meld their talents to create art. Excuse my nerdery.

5. Glass Hearts
Speaking of being fascinated by how songs and albums come to be---take ten minutes out of your day to watch this short, but sweet documentary about how Blondie came about creating the seminal disco-pop hit, "Heart Of Glass" from their 1978 classic album, Parallel Lines. Part of my blog fam is over at Soul Bounce and they posted this little gem on their Tumblr. Yes, they have a Tumblr now so follow, follow, follow!

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