Album Watch: Even More From Nabiha

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Speaking of Danish music...

Trying to branch out her fanbase past her Denmark backyard, Nabiha has re-released her 2010 debut, Cracks and has re-tooled and re-titled it More Cracks, with the addition of four new cuts. Sweetness.

To refresh the brain cells, last year Nabiha's 2010 debut Cracks was a surprise find for me, and I gushed about how it was a solid and eclectic set, peppered with great cuts like "Red Letter Days", "Deep Sleep" and my personal favorite, "Computer Love". Guess a small circle of music nerds found about about Cracks to where it warranted a re-tooled and re-titled (it's now going by More Cracks) set. Plus four new cuts have been added taking the place of some of the weaker material, thus with More Cracks we actually get less 'cracks' and a stronger record. See that's how you do a re-release my fellow Americans.

With the updated set, one of the tracks, "Trouble" (according to Nabiha's site) is getting a US release, so it looks like Nabiha is branching out from her Denmark backyard, and well if you've heard her, you'll know she has a shot. Lots of fun to be heard here. To get you started, here the sultry Imani Coppola-esque, "Midnight Blues" and after the cut get introduced to "Trouble".

Midnight Blues


  1. Is this available domestically?-QH

  2. QH,
    The only way I have found her music is online. Bummer I know. I haven't seen any American releases, but online I have found a few downloads of her material. I can shoot you an e-mail if I find something that's available :)

  3. I'm always into the physical copies myself. I can see if I can get it imported, I import at least 45% of my records I buy. Thanks for the heads up though, she sounds dope.-QH

  4. QH,
    Yeah, I'm with you on physical copies. I usually reserve those I really want for physical copies. Just a shame that a lot of the really obscure stuff is hard to come by, and at times I never have the money to import, though I've done it a few times. Good luck on the search and no prob on the heads up---just spreading the word on good music :)

  5. I just ordered her first album off of Amazon. :)


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