Artist Watch: Elle Varner Brings Us The 90's Nostalgia We Crave

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Even though the autumn is knocking on the door with cooler temperatures, dancing leaves, and allergies blowing in my direction, there are a trickle of summer jams that are sitting in my "to-be-played" files that have yet to be heard. Elle Varner's "Only Wanna Give It To You" appeared in August and the   rookie singer/songwriter is quickly gaining speed at being one to watch this year. The sugary 90's R&B throwback track plays like an introduction to the new wave of young talent, as hip-hop artist on the rise, J. Cole is assisting her in the flow department and the two make some serious magic.

The 90's has had a surge of a comeback in the last couple of years with some films from Disney's 'Renaissance' period being re-released in theaters and Nickelodeon bringing back even more of their classic block of shows. On the music front, artists have been taking cues from the era, and Varner's track just adds to the pot of singers who are reviving that sound and sort of re-building what R&B is really made of---rhythm and getting to the heart of the matter. As a 90's child myself seeing all these revivals is giving me some serious nostalgia trips, but as long as we don't bring back Furbies, hair mascara, and The Macarena, I'm cooler than cool.

To further go 'back to the future' dig if you will the technicolor dream of the Varner's debut single after the cut. Color fiends will rejoice at the vibrancy and the Fresh Prince neon bright outfits while shoe-a-holics will no doubt find themselves salivating at all the pretty steppers in the vid---I know I sure am. #girlymoment

Varner's debut, Perfectly Imperfect, will be hitting stores later this year, so if you dig what you hear, then keep Varner on your roster as she's got a voice---and knows how to use it.

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