Artist Watch: L.A.& La Havas

Thursday, October 13, 2011

With a name that rolls off the tongue and reads like poetry, Lianne La Havas has got to be someone special. Which is why I had to post something about her.

I'd been hearing a few things about this UK import with all the comparisons of Corinne Bailey Rae, to Esperanza Spalding, and newest alt-soul darling, Andreya Triana thrown in for good convincing measure. On the level she is akin to what the soft spoken melancholia 'fro-ed set is doing these days, but like we always say in music blog land: 'she's doing it her own way'.

Well, La Havas is and you can be convinced further of her vocal talents by her live freebie EP of her stop in the City of Angels. La Havas has already released her first EP, Lost & Found, which you can find on iTunes. Usually live material on record isn't really my thing and it was strange for this to be my first introduction to a new artist, but I do make exceptions and La Havas is one I'll gladly make. So I implore you to take and listen and then hop after the cut to see live versions of "Don't Wake Me Up" and "Gone" to experience the woman in action.

Live In L.A. - EP [Download]

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  1. Thanks for posting about Lianne La Havas - I only recently found out about her and love her style - and the voice is effortless. Live in L.A. is a great intro to her - with some fun personality thrown in. It's too bad the Lost & Found is iTunes UK - even she on Facebook said U.S. but it's nowhere to be found on these shores ....for now...hopefully it will get here soon. The UK continue to come up with some great talents!


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