Artist Watch: Pickwick 'Turns The Lights Out'

Friday, October 14, 2011

Think Seattle is all about rainy seasons, their infamous 90's grunge period, or the setting of Grey's Anatomy? Think again.

Pickwick, a sextet from the city, is yet another fab find from the music-bloggers-dream known as Bandcamp. Whenever I'm stumped on what new sounds to post on here (and let me tell you I do get stumped), Bandcamp comes through---like today. Taking the Councours d'Elegance track, "Turn The Light Out", Pickwick put their spin on it and it's mighty good.

I know I sort of dogged Mayer Hawthorne about his 'overdose' on 60's/70's soul music knowledge to where the man and the admiration just kept competing with each other to where there wasn't a middle ground---just run-of-the-mill mush. "Turn The Light Out" shows Pickwick's love for the eras, but this is just better, vocal and production wise. You can cut the groove with a knife (crisp n' soulful), and lead vocalist, Galen Disston really let's his voice roam over the cut, straying aways from making this a soul-by-numbers type of deal. Haven't checked out the rest of the band's EP's, but from this, they sound to be worth checking out.


  1. This is great, thanks. Purchased.

    I can recommend their track "Blackout", off their Myths, Vol. 3 EP.

  2. James W: No problem! Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the recommend, after hearing this I'm curious about what else they have out. Will look into it!


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