Artist Watch: Santigold Speaks

Friday, October 14, 2011

Usually what some musicians say in interviews or on Twitter---I take with a grain of salt. Especially Twitter, which is like a festering ground for disappointments (i.e. the realization your admired artist is a caps lock abuser/weak grammar user/small minded nit). Though I usually try to listen to just the music and judge by that, I perk up when their are artist who have something to say. Which is why I like the go-get attitude Santigold has and I thought she said some really poignant things about pop culture, art and the direction of her as-yet-to-be-seen album, from her '20 Questions' interview with Dazed & Confused magazine. Some of the best bits:

Nowadays, if something isn’t accessible, it’s boring. We’ve become a society obsessed with instant gratification, and it’s created a warped mentality. The New American Dream is to become rich and famous by happenstance, and to get there with as little work or talent as possible. Everything is about the external – materialism, status, celebrity.

  • Her view on the quality of art today and why she thinks it's suffering:
I feel that real art, and people who are trying to do something interesting, original and thoughtful, are not valued as much now as they were in the past. And yeah, the quality of everything is low right now. Some of the lyrics to ‘GO’ are: ‘The quo is so low. Everybody’s itching for a thrown to throw. Better sell your status while the quo’s so low.’ So basically, I’m saying you should get in while you can, while it takes nothing to be considered good.
  • And the 'girl power!' comment...her thoughts on women in the 90's vs. women of today:
And the 90s was such a great time for girls! Women are in a weird place right now. I don’t get it. Everything you see on TV – Married To The Mob, the fucking Kardashians – is full of girls fighting, like, getting into physical fights. Everybody has a plastic face, full-on make-up. And that’s what is considered beauty. [...] Well, in the 90s it wasn’t like that. It was grunge and riot grrrl, it was about looking real and messy, and feeling comfortable. Girls looked like they could actually do something, not like they were going to trip on their heels and break their nails. They looked like functioning humans. [...] Everyone is under the pressure. People on the red carpet look crazy. It’s a bunch of freeze-faces. But things will come back around.
Refreshing to here that.

Well, back to the music, Santigold discussed vaguely about her follow-up album (when the hell is it going to be released??!) and only hints that it's gonna be a good, yet eclectic one. You can take in the rest of the piece here to where she further talks about today's perfectionism culture, about being mean girl while at Quaker school, further thoughts on today's perfectionism culture, and how Eddie Murphy's Coming To America inspires her.

Oh, and for a bonus, here's Santigold at the Austin City Limits music festival last month performing, "Go". Fun stuff.

Camino: Dazed & Confused

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