Artist Watch: Vow To Hear Kimbra Today

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kimbra is quite the little star over in her homestead of New Zealand, but I don't need a crystal ball or even be like Oda Mae Brown from Ghost to know that Kimbra is going to make some waves over in the red, white, and blue. Why do I possess such confidence about it? Like always, the music speaks for itself. "Settle Down", Kimbra's debut single, is a delectable and mighty attractive single as it's got a lot of twists n' turns in it and strays from being your run-of-the-mill song. It resides on her recently released debut, Vows, an album that is art-pop in it's derive but possesses soulful vocals and jazz influence to keep it quite accessible. So it's really no surprise that Kimbra has been described as a 'Amy Winehouse meets Bjork' hybrid as that's sort of what you hear here.

What makes Vows succeed is that it's a real pin-ball machine of genres. Nina Simone inspired vocal gymnastics seem to ooze out of "Plain Gold Ring" while old school R&B is given a vibrant spin on "Call Me". The gears shift when the space-y "Old Flame" pops on. My personal favorite so far is the escapade of "Cameo Lover". Not a dull moment is to be had once you listen to Vows. Kimbra is prepping to introduce herself to the American and Canadian masses with her Settle Down EP this week,and it includes a great Sam Sparro remix of "Cameo Lover". Seriously, if all that I have described doesn't pique your interest then I don't know what will.

Take in the stream of Vows below (trust me, it'll perk your Monday up), and after the cut see the vids for "Settle Down" and "Cameo Lover". This is the good stuff.



  1. I love Kimbra, been following her steps since last year. She reminds me a bit of Imogen Heap, esp. when you see her play live, there are a few youtube videos of both (Immi, I saw live 2 times and it's really an awesome experience, she plays every instrument ever and she's so nice with her fans)

  2. Kit:
    Wow! Thanks for the info. We always learn about things last in America, lol. That's why I'm glad to have readers/blogger/online pals from all over the world so they can let me know what I'm missing here! I just happened on her the other day and was blown at how varying her style is. I like that in an artist. Hope she makes some waves over here. She's also got some Florence + The Machine style in her as well---she's got range and some great songs that's for sure!

  3. As usual - great pick. It's a rainy day where I am and this definitely brings the sunshine--okay even with its moodiness at times--still brings a smile and makes it hard to sit still:). Love the variety in her style and layered vocals --there is some seriously well crafted pop music coming from overseas. America should take note! I also saw her compared to Esthero --I can see it somewhat --but comparisons aside --really liking her music.

  4. Thanks for the heads up! I've been listening to Kimbra all day. Good attention to my music library.....


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