Audio Vision: The Haunting of Lianne La Havas

Monday, October 17, 2011

Already on my radar, Lianne La Havas has released the video for her song, "No Room For Doubt" off of her debut EP, Lost & Found and it's a beaut. Blues singer, Willy Mason, joins her as they play out as departed lovers of a different kind, with Mason's 'spirit' haunting La Havas' present space---a plot that is just in time for the 'spooky season'. It sort of reminds me of a Brontë Sisters novel (I'm such a junkie for Jane Eyre), where the plot lines of distant lovers and eerie settings blend with the romance. The contrast of their voices is really wonderful on this and adds to the charm that plays out on screen. Well worth a watch or two.    


  1. How about the new Jane Eyre movie? Seen it?

    PS: fyi the word verification sometimes make it hard to comment here, there are two steps and sometimes they doesn't load properly. just to let you know. :-)

  2. Thanks for letting me know about the comments. I will work on that right away!

    Yes, I've seen the new Jane Eyre movie, I actually kind of liked it! Did you? I've seen other versions, but the new one was my favorite. Though the ending made me a bit mad (so rushed) it stuck to the book very well. And Michael Fassbender as Rochester--- *fans self* Best Rochester by far.

  3. Yes, I liked the movie, even though the book (one of my favourites) is so good, and a bit unfilmable, if you know what I mean (issues with religion, longish childhood part, the diary form, etc). But even though they shortened some parts and changed bits (the ending is almost missing!), they did a good job esp. in capturing the spirit of the book. The landscapes and the houses were perfect. Mia Whatshername is fine and mousy enough, but Michael Fassbender (I'm a big fan! Of his talents of course, ahem ;-) looks too handsome (and ginger) for the part...don't you think?

    PS: sorry about the OT, the song you linked is great, I'll check this girl out...True about the quirky spookiness.

  4. OT: Oh, I'm glad to find someone who loves Jane Eyre like I do! I agree, the book is unfilmable, there is so much to cover and I wish they had spent more time on her childhood and was a bit more creepier.But I like how this film dealt with that Rivers family part (was sooo bored at that part in the book). Did you see the deleted scenes? They're are on YouTube, and flesh out the movie better. Maybe it was his look (lol)and his acting job, but I just was more convinced of Fassy as Rochester, he just worked for me.

    Back on topic!: I'm looking to purchase La Havas' EP, I've been hearing great things so she's def one to watch :)


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