Audio Vision: If It Isn't Love...On Top

Monday, October 17, 2011

Doesn't this video remind you of something? Ah, well, a lot of Beyonce videos remind me of a lot of things I've seen before---but the technical term to use in Bey related situations nowadays is called a homage. So there you go. I passed the 'Say Something Nice Challenge'.

Eh, I'll give it to Beyonce this time because:

  • I love the track (great jovial 80's R&B at your service)
  • The choreography is indeed snappy and a nice nod to New Edition
  • Top hats, canes, and alll thaaat jazzzz
  • The whole viewing experience doesn't give me whiplash and dizzy spells like a lot of Beyonce videos tend to do with me (i.e. "Countdown")

When she keeps it simple, she gets a gold star from me.

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