Crisp N' Fresh Vid: Lady & The 'Tramp'

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friends ask me why I waste my time with Lady GaGa. She's a this, she's a that, she's this-n-that. Whatever, the irking is there and the judging ensues. Sigh.

She can wear teapots on her head, dress like a dude, and scribble notes from her dog-eared copy of Madonna For Dummies all she wants to, but when you strip all that off, underneath, GaGa does in fact have some singing chops. So seeing her really croon away with Tony Bennett on "The Lady Is A Tramp" is quite a refresher and and an ear opener for those who judge GaGa by her cloven heels. Really, she should consider doing something like this more often, maybe even a full album as she looks like she's having a ball with Mr. Bennett. So don't just consume Bennett's Duets II for Amy Winehouse's final curtain call, check out the other roster of guests, as I've heard some great things about the project.

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