Recycle It!: New Look & Miss Janet

Monday, October 3, 2011

Back when I was discussing Janet Jackson's classic Control album for my 'Quarter Life Crisis' series (which you should catch up on), I slightly mentioned in response to a comment that I was never that jazzed with the track "He Doesn't Know I'm Alive". Often it seemed out of place among the slicker material to where Janet was reverting back to what she did on her teenager 'bubblegum' earlier records. So of course it's strange that New Look, a Canadian husband and wife team by the names of former model, Sara Ruba producer/multi-instrumentalist and Adam Pavao would rework it in their track titled simply, "Janet". Strange in the good way, mind you. Taking cues from the by-gone 80's Freestyle a la Debbie Deb and melding stark deep House (think Beth Ditto's zesty EP), New Look have converted the song into a minimal soundscape, but still carries the warm pop n' soul touch of the original.

Like what you hear? The duo is on the verge as their debut album is soon to be a reality (like this week soon). They've already wowed a few indie heads and in-the-know-cool-kids with their tune, "The Ballad" which is dream pop that is equally as pleasing as "Janet" and further piques my interest of what other goodies the duo has in store. So whether you're a Janet stan, fan, or just don't give a damn, take a listen to a real song makeover.

New Look - Janet 

Camino: Fader


  1. I've always liked the song as it is a good vocal from JJ, plus I do like that it winks back 9knowingly) to her black-pop roots on her first two recordings. Nice to see it getting some shine!-QH

  2. Thanks for this heads up - I enjoy this song and have since listened to some other tracks by them. And I like what I hear - I just wish the album was easier to get here in the U.S.!

  3. QH, I agree it's a good vocal from Janet, it just wasn't my favorite, lol! I do like some tracks from Janet's early pop period, like "Say You Do", "Young Love" and I truly believe "Come Give Your Love To Me" was a missed opportunity---Janet doing New Wave! Should have been further explored. I'd be interested in other 'indie' artists doing a cover album of 'Control' like what a few did with Madonna's 'True Blue'. Interesting indeed.

    Gracie, I got interested in them too with this one track, and I spent half a night looking up their other material--which I came away with really liking. Anxious to see what else they've cooked up. I wonder if their album is up for online (pre-order) purchase? Will check on that.


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