Artist Watch: VV Brown's Lollipops N' Everything

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wondering what happened to VV Brown? Well, she's still around that's what. Along with a bevy of artists, she's releasing an album this year, and it's entitled Lollipops and Politics. Yeah, it sounds like she got it from the 'Mariah Carey Album Title Generator', but judging aside, VV is gunning for a more 'experimental' sound this time and she wants us to be ready for it.

Not hearing much 'experiment' on "Children", the first official single from Lollipops, but you can't shake that it's a rather energetic number with a lot of heart, as its subject matter has VV focusing on the younger generation and their empathy towards today's society. The song's subject matter is just another inkling that VV got inspired by the current economic downturn to the riots that occurred in her homestead of London this past summer to derive the deeper topics on Lollipops (hence where the 'politics' part comes in).

There's is no denying that "Shark In The Water" from her debut, Travellin' Like The Light was one of the best pop offerings to find back in '09, even when others were doubting VV's mainstay, I stuck her out because she brought a little variety to the table. I'm glad to hear that she hasn't lost her zany ways and is keeping the pop tunes a-comin'.


  1. I loved the VV Brown record too. This song is a bit meh, great voice but...maybe it needs a boost from a remix?

    PS: have you heard her acoustic cover of Miss You by the Stones?

  2. The record drops Stateside on 2/7/12. She topped my records fo 2010 last year, as we got it a year late, as we always do. I think she is rather fresh and I'm excited about her new project.-QH

  3. Kit:
    No, I have not heard her Stones' cover! Linky please. That is my fave Stones song so wow, thanks for the tip :)

    Yeah not wild about this track either, but I'm anxious to hear the other sounds she has in store.

    Yeah, I was hearing conflicting dates about when the album was being released. So I went with the earliest release date.
    I loved 'Travellin' Like The Light' and was a bit sad that some people didn't 'get it' or thought it was generic. I didn't, I thought it was a hella fun. Favorites from the album were "Everybody" and "Quick Fix"...and of course "Shark In The Water".

  4. V.V. is the furthest thing from generic. In some ways I thought she was almost too oddball, in a good way, not that obnoxious Gaga oddball.

    "Game Over," "Bottles," "Crying Blood," and the fact that she is a black pop singer made it that much more gratifying & intriguing. Can't wait for the next dose! Oh, thanks for the love last month on my hip-hop piece.-QH

  5. Kit: Will be checking it! Thanks :)

    QH: Yeah, VV is FAR from generic. Didn't understand the backlash across the blogs about VV. I was quite glad to see her join the rosters of Black female singers who step out of the R&B/Soul box like Janelle Monae and Shingai Shoniwa from the Noisettes. She's just a whole lot of fun. Sometimes I think people take their music listening WAY too seriously.

    My opinion about Gaga is in the middle. I tend to not get wrapped up in her image/persona and just hear the tunes. When she stops gnawing at The Madonna/Roisin Murphy/Grace Jones/whoever Handbook and is herself, she's really not bad.

    No problem, I loved your piece! Loved how open and honest it was. Hip-hop is a genre that sparks lots of conversations and yours was one I don't see to often, so I had to comment :)

  6. Man, I love V.V. Brown. Thanks for posting this. I didn't know she had a new CD on the way. Definitely looking forward to hearing more.

  7. I'm also looking forward to this. I've had her album for a while now but with some added studio bonuses (No Bonsoir, Refresh Me, Padlock and a few others) so I'm totally ready for some new VV tunes!


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