First Impressions: Are These the Sounds of a Comeback Ms. Blige?

Friday, November 18, 2011

With caution I proceed with Mary J. Blige. Sort of pains me to even type that, but since 2009's Stronger With Each Tear (which I was wayyy too nice about when it first came out) I haven't exactly been a happy camper with Blige's output, more like I got poison ivy, and they ran out of chamomile lotion happy. So timidly I will approach the release of set My Life II: The Journey Continues (Part One) when it appears in a few weeks. The first releases from it such as "25/8" (and it's 'Recession Budget' music video) and Drake The Fake assisted, "Mr. Wrong" haven't exactly got me riled up. But dammit, it's Mary, and The Breakthrough and My Life helped me through college---thus I can't just ignore that history.

Of course a premature groan erupted when I saw that MJB was hooking up with Beyonce for a duet. When pressing play I was waiting for something lackluster once again, even with Bey's flashy ass there, but my eyebrow raised and well...a pleasant surprise washed over me with the Sean Garret produced track, "Love A Woman". Sure there is a bit of over-singing from both parties at times, but it's MJB and Bey--so it's expected and excused. Still this femme declaration track recalls the 90's right down to it's vocal exchanges, message, and sound backdrop and that's a good thing. Considering these ladies are products of that productive time in R&B, it's nice to see them join forces and bring that style back quite nicely. Personally, I find it worthy of a comeback single for MJB as it's got the right tone, but we'll see how this plays out...

Mary J. Blige (ft. Beyonce) - Love A Woman

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