First Impressions: Brandy's 'Silent Night'

Friday, November 11, 2011

Well, hello there Brandy. There are just some artists who you've grown up with that whatever they tend to do (good or bad) you still root for them. I still root for Brandy. Though back in the 90's you 'had' to choose sides on who deserved the affections of the 'boy' that Brandy and Monica drew cat claws out about. I was a Monica girl (and still am), but I've come to enjoy a lot of Brandy's material after the Never Say Never years with 2001's Full Moon and 2004's Afrodisiac being personal favorites for me.

But enough about the olden days *gets up from creaky rocking chair*---Brandy's got a new track and it's pretty crackling. "Silent Night" isn't the traditional Christmas carol, but it's a leaked treat about the tissue-clutching dramas of love. It wouldn't be R&B if it wasn't.

Pegged for Brandy's pending 6th release, the song, produced by Kadis & Sean, is a grower. Yet it's worth a listen for simply for Brandy's vocal execution and once you get into it, you might find yourself pressing repeat. See good R&B isn't an extinct commodity...

Brandy - Silent Night


  1. Where's the clip, lol? I was ready to listen and now it is gone.-QH


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