First Impressions: Extraloveable Prince...Revisited

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is pretty purpley cool.

As I can never pass up a music nerd moment like this not to mention formulate an excuse to post anything by Prince....there's been a bit of buzz about Prince re-recording one of his plethora of vaulted tunes, and it's the infamous, "Extraloveable". Any Paisley Parker is aware that Prince has gabillion upon gabillions of songs that are tucked away or sprinkled among numerous bootleg compilations. It can be overwhelming, not to mention an adventure in itself whenever you do discover these funky gems.

So Prince had re-recorded "Extraloveable", a track that was possibly meant for Vanity 6 back in the early 80's, for reasons...well, that aren't really crystal clear. He's also released the track only on iTunes Canada---in possible promotion for his Welcome 2 Canada Tour, which began over this Thanksgiving weekend. The revamped "Extraloveable" feels less raw digital 80's than the original, and more polished funk with Soul darling, Andy Allo (who is budding into protege territory) popping up in a guest spot.

Already Prince fanatics across the web have been rolling in the deep about how the re-recorded version isn't up to snuff. As Prince fanatical as I can be, I'm one of those who still appreciates the fact that he can take a song that he's done many moons ago and spin it around differently, making it sound just as crisp, and even crispier than what is jumbling around currently. Time doesn't erase the fact that "Extraloveable" is one of the greatest pieces of missed opportunity ever---why it was not included on 1999 is really a mystery to me. What I'd really like to know is if this sudden re-release just a thank-you to Canadian fans and/or maybe this is just the first step for Prince to dust off other vaulted material and re-record it for a new project?

Compare and contrast below.

Extraloveable (Original) 

Extraloveable (2011 Version)

Camino: Hard Candy Music / Funkatopia 

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  1. When are those reissues/box sets coming????????


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