First Impressions: Getting a Pulse From Childish Gambino

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

To awkward nerdy girls like me, actor Donald Glover is someone to swoon over. Glover may not pick me to be his nerdy mate, but we can both attest to being awkward way before it was vogue to shout from the mountains about it. Glover is not awkward when he's Childish Gambino, his hip-hop persona that has grown in popularity due to the 3.5 freebie mixtapes he has distributed on his site over the course of this year. While I love how he acts on the NBC comedy, Community (the bromance between Abed and Troy is amazing sauce), I've always been a bit skeptical of his hip-hop endeavor.

After listening to a mixtape here and there, for some reason, I thought all of what he was doing was purely a joke, for funsies. Sort of the Eddie Murphy way of making music (wait....he was serious with "Party All The Time"? *cocks head*) Till after awhile it sunk in that---well, Glover is actually serious about this. So serious that in a week's time he's releasing his debut album, Camp (which has already sprung a leak). "Bonfire", the official first single has caught a fire and Glover and/or Gambino is well on his way to waxing lyrics with the best of MC's. Maybe it's the techno surge "Heartbeat" is coasting on, but it's the best I've heard from him, which is why I had to devote a post to it. Still, it's going to take me awhile to convince me of what he's trying to do, but hell, Glover can't do Community forever so I'll watch this space.

Childish Gambino - Heartbeat

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