Recycle It!: Andy Allo Gets It On

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let's call this Extreme Makeover: Marvin Gaye Song Edition.

Stumbled upon this performance vid of Andy Allo doing Marvin Gaye some justice on possibly his most overplayed (and at times overrated) classic "Let's Get It On". Yeah, shockingly, "Let's Get It On" is not an essential Marvin tune for me (I know revoke my 'Soul Sista Card'), but the way Andy re-models it, is quite delish. She knows how to make a song her own, as she wowed folks with doing Kanye West's "Lost In The World" as well as having his Purple Majesty, Prince along for the sweet ride of Amy Winehouse's "Love Is A Losing Game".

So consider this yet another prep for that covers album she's been talking about.


  1. Andy Allo FTW. Her record was dope, listened to it non-stop when it came out. Her Prince collabo should turn into him producing/writing/both her next record!

    PS: Let's Get It On is definitely overplayed, true :-) My favourite by Marvin Gaye is probably Inner City Blues, what's yours?

  2. Kit:
    So wishing for that! I was quite excited that Andy Allo was working with his Purpleness thinking it would lead to something like that. Really, he should produce her next set...I can just imagine the awesome sauce stuff to come from that. I loved Andy's debut too. I could listen to it all the way through which is a rarity. Shame that not too many people know about her.

    Great pick! My favorite Marvin song, hmmm...a tie (sorry!) between "Mercy Mercy Me" and "Trouble Man".


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