Take 5 Friday: Fiddles, Contributing, and a Whole Lotta Shaking

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reheating leftovers of the week...

1. Class Of 1991: Here's a little shameless promotion. Soul Bounce is apart of my blog family and this year I've been asked to contribute a few pieces for their great Class Of... series which recaps albums celebrating 20 years of awesomeness and influence. Last year they had a great album selection from 1990, and this year it's gonna be even better as the number of albums and memories has grown for the 1991 set. Currently my remincense about Jody Watley's great Affairs Of The Heart album is up, and there are more muses from me to come in the next few weeks! So keep the Class of 1991 link bookmarked to keep checking back to hear all the great sounds from a very productive and transitional year in music.

Update 11/19/11: ...and once again the Internet provides the link between artist and fan...Jody Watley has responded to the piece on Affairs Of Heart on her blog, Stylefile (bookmark it!) and what a treat it is to read! For those who haven't scoped out the album, you have to understand how much of a personal tone Jody took on the record and she explains her creative decisions about the record as well as her favorite tracks on it. Plus she also shared little nuggets of word wisdom, like this one:
I don't regret not singing about shaking my ass. There was a lot of pressure at the time for me and I sacrificed the monetary support of my label to continue on my journey as the artist I wanted to become. I'd be lying if I told you I never looked back and asked myself what I was thinking. However, as Oprah would say 'what I know for sure' is that my desire to be authentic to who I am and to not succumb to just getting the cash is inescapable. I am who I am.
So a BIG thank you to Jody for reading and responding to the post! And you can continue to read the piece here.

2. Fiddlesticks: One to watch Elle Varner is certainly on the fast track. She performed at Black Girls Rock! a few weeks back, and gave a nice performance of her buzzy 90's summer breezin' single, "Only Wanna Give It To You". She's onto Round 2 with the appropriately titled "Refill". It's not as fluid as her previous single, as Elle's vocals sound a bit strained in places along with choppy tempo changes. Still, the jagged barnyard fiddle mixed with the 808 baseline makes for an intriguing backdrop, and it's one of the most interesting things I've heard all week. Still the best part is when she says: "I feel like the girl that's been at the bar too long---can't stand up." Feel ya, girl, feel ya.

3. Stomp: Here's the third video for The Roots undun video series. You'll watch it. You'll love it. Cause I do. And did I mention it's The Roots? undun is gonna be some kind of amazing when it comes out. I can just feel it....

4. Shake Shake SeƱora: Was I the only person who actually liked Little Boots? Surely there has to be someone out there who didn't think her 2009 debut album, Hands was a total tragedy. Maybe the venomous blog words from a few years back are sticking in my mind as there were a lot of catty and sneering responses to the music of Boots. Maybe there were one too many electro-pop pouts in influx around 2009 (see La Roux, Ladyhawke, Annie, and oh, yeah, Lady Gaga) and Little Boots just wasn't as flashy or didn't embody the 80's sound like the others? Really, don't know what the dealio was, but Boots is back and she's got this little clubby jaunt, "Shake". Buzz about it has been a mix bag, either people love it or believe it's a stinker (you'd think the girl strangled Elmo or something). To be honest, it's not as snazzy as "New In Town" or "Mathematics" from Hands---but it's 80's-tastic as you want it to be and that's a-okay with me.

5. You And What Army?: Here's a 'Recycle It!' that is pretty darn good. Remember Kimberley Nichole? She had a pretty rock-licking album, The Yellow Brick Journey, that came out oh, about a year ago? Well, homegirl with the blazin' voice and froofy tutu is back and she's still rockin' and reelin' especially on this cover of White Stripes hit, "Seven Nation Army." This is just one piece of the puzzle that's to be Kimberly's pending EP, The Rock Ballerina, where she'll be putting those vocals to good use on other rock and alternative classics that will drop sporadically throughout the remainder of the year. Peep the track below (as well as snag it for free at her Bandcamp page!) and also see her do another rock jam justice (Janis Joplin's "Cry Baby") during a live stint here if you're still not convinced of this lady's skills.


  1. Jody Watley read (and liked!) your post! Cool!

  2. Congratulations. Ms. Watley has been a longtime favorite of mine, and the thrill of having her respond to your work is close to a high. Believe me, I know. I'm not a fan of Soulbounce, at all, but I'm glad you were able to get your work showcased where it will surely receive the traffic it deserves.

    AotH is one of my favorite JW pieces, and her backlog is solid, she really doesn't possess a weak album in the least. And if you didn't catch my comment on your original Nabiha article, I ordered her first album off of Amazon. I'm tres excited. Keep writing!-QH

  3. Kit:
    Yeah, I'm still shocked over it!

    Thank you :) Ms. Watley is a long-time fave of mines as well, and believe me I'm still on the high! It's really great that she responded in such a wonderful way, her insight about 'Affairs' was really a treat. One thing I do like about blogging/social networking is how artists can get in touch with their fans. Believe me, Jody is one of those artists who takes time to answer tweets from fans and reach out to them. Admirable.

    I've always enjoyed every single Jody release, Affairs being one of them. My other two favorites are Larger Than Life and to some extent Midnight Lounge. Good stuff all around when you dig into Jody's work.

    Oh, I didn't know you weren't a fan of Soul Bounce, but I won't ask as to why, though I am slightly curious, LOL. Still I won't pry. *winks*

    And I'm so glad that you got Nabiha's album! Let me know what you think, she's a really great discovery :)

  4. Shot me an e-mail someday, I'll tell you. I have nothing to hide, lol.


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