Take 5 Friday: Saved By Cats, Badu, and Remixes

Friday, November 4, 2011

Reheating leftovers of the week...

1. A Verbal Woo: Badu-aholics got a treat this week as Erykah Badu sat down with the Red Bull Music Academy and gave quite a candid talk about her career for two freaking hours. To even get a music artist today to lace together one sentence is admirable, but two hours of nothing but talk about her life, how she derives her music, her motivations, tales of her musical partnerships with J Dilla and Q-Tip---just plain phenomenal and a real treat to behold. Badu not only dishes about her art, but gives some depth into the whole kerfuffle around her controversial music video, "Window Seat" and the effects it had on her relationship with her record label (which slightly proves my theory as to why New Amerykah: Return Of The Ankh got grossly ignored by the award circuit). Music nerdery at it's finest when you press play.

2. Tumblrin' 4 Cats + Kanye: Two Tumblrs of pure (musical) genius have graced my life this week. Even though they are both new Tumblrs on the block, I'm anxious to see their development.
  • The Kitten Covers: I have become the stereotype. Singledom has coerced me into finally admitting that I'm a cat lover. It's pretty much scaring me considering how cats and me never got along to begin with. What's not scaring me is 'The Kitten Covers' Tumblr, which is the photoshop of all photoshops as kitten heads and paws are placed on iconic album covers. A time waster that is well worth it---especially when you see covers of David Meowie and Ol' Dirty Kitten. 
  • Kanye'd By The Bell: Love or hate to love Kanye West, but who knew that Yeezy's lyrics would match so eerily well with Saved By The Bell screencaps? Which leads into some Twilight Zone-esque quandaries, like maybe all along we haven't realized that Yeezy's whole musical concept is based on the antics of Bayside High. Leading to prove that Zac Morris really and truly does rule everything and we're all Mr. Beldings in his web of mind games....hmm. It's just too eerie to digest, but still the blog is really hilarious.
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3. Marry The Weeknd: Usually I don't gab about remixes (too many, so little blog time), but this one warrants some undivided attention. Lady Gaga is releasing Born This Way: The Remix, because well---Gaga is one of the 1%, and she needs your money. Of all the remixes presented, the one that piqued my interest was how "Marry The Night" (one of my favorites from Born This Way) was to be re-modeled by The Weeknd and Illangelo. True to the vibe of Weeknd, "Marry The Night" is stripped and dipped into dark brutal desire, and pretty much wins at every spooky turn. Completely out of character the song becomes, which makes it Audio Diva Approved.

4. Up's N' Downs: So what I got out of this new audio vision is that I now have a strong desire for James Morrison to duet with Adele---and not Jessie J. Not that Jessie J sounds bad on "Up" off of Morrison's The Awakening, in fact, "Up" was a highlight for me and the two mesh well together. Maybe it's just me picking the the popular kid (Adele) to for Morrison to hang out with, but I just truly think the two would make a fire duet. Still it's nice to hear that Jessie J is using her real voice on this---I still can't get behind that trickery she did on her debut album (what does the girl want to sound like??). Oh, and if you've seen "Broken Strings" with Nelly Furtado, then you'll be experiencing déjà vu with this video.

5. Perfect Darkness: Though it's been out for a good solid month (!!), I'm just now coming across Andreya Triana's cover of Fink's "Perfect Darkness". If you already know a lil' sumthin' sumthin' about Ms. Triana you know that her voice is so beautiful she'd even make songs about icky disgusting things like rodents and scabs into works of vocal art. For about six minutes you're swimming in a real abyss of beauty on this cover. Good job, Andreya!

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