Artist Watch: CJ Hilton's 'Cold Summer'

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

As much of a critic that I am about the R&B of today, there are times where flickers of promise invade into my ears. Here's where CJ Hilton comes in through that foggy forecast known as 21st Century R&B. From snagging a singer-songwriting spot on Raphael Saadiq's The Way I See It ("Never Give You Up" with Stevie Wonder was the tune!) to crafting a buzz-worthy mixtape with DJ Driis (aka one of my husbands, actor Idris Elba), and now penning tracks for Mario, Mr. Hilton has been steadily making the rounds. So how come I'm just now hearing about him?

It's cause I'm slow. Forgive.

"Cold Summer" is the track that sort of won me over even though everybody loooves his Nas assisted, "So Fresh". To be honest, any R&B cat can do "So Fresh", but "Cold Summer" has a vastly different approach and here is where CJ's strong suits of writing and singing come into a real vigorous package. Often this song is being mistaken for, Miguel's number, "All I Want Is You"  and that's possibly because Saalam Remi (the man behind Amy Winehouse's stunners) is responsible for both of these productions---and man, is "Cold Summer" sharp.

Okay, R&B, I see you trying to reel me in.....Pop after the cut to view "Cold Summer" the visual, as well.

Cold Summer


  1. Plan to check this cut out today, should I feel bad for thinking this guy is tres cute, lol?-QH

  2. Got around to the cut, I enjoyed it! Hope we see an album! Thanks for the up!-QH


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