Artist Watch: Hey There Delilah

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sorry her name warranted that post title...

Delilah has a lot going for her. She's yet another artist who hails from the UK and has a soulful strut of a different repertoire (what is in that water over there??). She's been noted for background vocal work (see Chase & Status' "Time"). She also successfully managed to interpolate Rufus & Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" into her debut single, "Go" without sounding the least bit hackneyed. Oh, and she even got Miss Khan's approval to boot.

Delilah is doing all the right things in order to loftily set her up as a 'next big thang' in 2012, and once you listen to her Go EP, which was released earlier this year, you'll be impressed at the subtle crawl of her voice and the density of her tunes. Listening to tracks like "Breathe" and  "I Can Feel You" (the best of the bunch) follow in the same camp of atmospheric soul, a laid-back genre that seems to be picking up R&B's broken pieces.

The obligatory music journalist comparison towards Delilah will make you have Esthero and Emily King on the brain (maybe even a smidge of Bjork), yet, it's merely a guideline to get a feel for where Delilah roosts. Currently her brand new jawn, "Love You So" is what's really grooving and has a stylish video as an accompaniment that sure to attract---and has no doubt impressed me further. Not to bog you down with more words to further explain the what and why you should check Delilah out, just take a listen to the Go EP below and then after the cut, make time to peek at her video for "Love You So". Regrets you won't have.

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