An Audio Diva Christmas: It's A Spaghetti Western Christmas With The Killers

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hmm...let's try this equation on for size:

The Killers + Robots + Spaghetti Westerns  = the music video for The Killers' "The Cowboy's Christmas Ball".

Yep, that's about right.

True, the holidays can be a depressing time for a lot of people, but really for me, the holidays is that special time to get that rod out of your arse and just have a little silly fun (and if that doesn't work---do us all a favor and sip some Bailey's Irish Creme, please).  I will always have like for The Killers because, unlike other bands, they don't try to take themselves too seriously and have had fun with Christmas tunes in the past (see "Don't Shoot Me Santa", "¡Happy Birthday Guadalupe!" and last year's "Boots"). Not to mention each Christmas tune of theirs that is purchased, the proceeds goes fight AIDS as the band is apart of the Project (Red) campaign---so hey, hey for goodwill towards man! I gravitate towards that kind of spirit, and well, "The Cowboy's Christmas Ball" in all of it's down-home-country-fried-rock reeks of it. Maybe it's the Texas girl in me that can boot-scoot to this, but this is just real cheeky fun. Even though the video is probably the plotline everyone (but me) wanted from Cowboys & Aliens. Oh welp.

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