An Audio Diva Christmas: Snow Days With Boyz II Men

Monday, December 5, 2011

This is one of those moments where I feel that I'm committing "Post Deja Vu",  but eh, nothing beats Boyz II Men and hearing them harmonize on their Christmas Interpretations album from 1993 and I bet some of you guys feel the same---so repeat myself I shall. My holidays wouldn't be complete if Interpretations didn't get a spin as I live for their gorgeous acapella version of "Silent Night". Yes, I even remember when they popped up on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to sing it during an episode where Will Smith practiced his art of lying again...(love that show). Plus I appreciate their thinly disguised croons like "Cold December Nights" and "Who Would Have Thought", which can be played long after the season is over.

I'd like to think every R&B head has heard of their version of "Let It Snow" which features the voice and pen of Brian McKnight. It's a tried and true staple that I sometimes find myself playing it even in the sweltering heat of summer just so I can form mental pictures of crisp stillness, snowball fights, and school closings---it's just that cool. For someone who rarely sees snow and has spent Christmases in shorts and tees (the plight of a Southern Belle like me *pumps a Scarlett O'Hara fist*), this song always gets me in the mood for white fluff and of course just plain good holiday cheer.  

Pop after the cut to view the Boyz (well the now trio of them) back in '08 with a performance of "Let It Snow" on Japanese TV with a killer pianist (who is tearin' it up on those keys), as well as the video version of "Silent Night" from way back when.

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