An Audio Diva Christmas: Walking in a Winter Wonderland with the Eurythmics

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Man, do I love Annie Lennox. She can really do no wrong for me. I'm well aware that Annie released her own Christmas collection last year, but I always come back to time where she was paired with Dave Stewart to spread some holiday cheer on "Winter Wonderland".

A local radio station here has been playing non-stop Christmas music (since like Halloween--womp), and well, they've played Johnny Mathis' "Winter Wonderland" version(s) way more times than I can stomach (no offense to Johnny). Thankfully, I have the Eurythmics' version in my holiday arsenal. "Winter Wonderland" is such a lyrical cheese fest, but in the Eurythmics hands it's transformed into icy brisk synth bliss. Love how it gets a little shaken up in the beginning to where you're not to sure if this is a holiday song or not. I won't go off into gushing about Annie's vocals---cause I will bore you.

Off of the very first A Very Special Christmas compilation (which had many other goodies on it) from 1987, this a Christmas tune that 80's babies like me can really appreciate.

Eurythmics - Winter Wonderland


  1. I don't know how this got past me. I'm a MASSIVE Eurythmics fan. I wonder if this was a b-side to the "Sweets Dreams..." album. If so, that makes sense, as I didn't buy that remaster (it isn't my favorite of theirs) when they did their backlog back in 2005. I have a standard pressing of "Dreams."

    Either way, I'm looking forward to this. Though not a big fan of Christmas music (love the holiday, but working retail makes you want to commit seppuku when you've heard 98482 versions of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas").

    What's your favorite LP of theirs, we may have chatted about this? I like when they went R&B & rock, but their return to the computer cool on "Savage" was ahead of its time conceptually. It was the first video album, directed by Sophie Muller (Sade, No Doubt). Their version of The Doors "Hello, I Love You" is hot too.-QH

  2. QH:

    Not too familiar with their singles/B-sides, but all I know was that it was released on the first 'A Very Special Christmas' album from I believe 1987...or 1990. The Pointer Sisters, Madonna, Run D.M.C., Alison Moyet plus a number of others are on it. Great collection.

    One of my best friends HATED holiday tunes and 80's soft rock because she worked retail---so I can definitely feel you guys on that, LOL. I'm trying not to overdose you guys on the holiday tunes and trying to find "non-traditional" or unique versions. If you have suggestions, I'm open to discovery, cause even I get tired of Mariah Carey's Christmas records LOL!

    Oh, the Eurythmics...I don't think we have talked about this! 'Savage' bar none is my favorite. Just a brilliant piece of work. Loved almost every single song off of it. I haven't heard their very first album or the last two they've done so I'm a bad Eurythmics fan, lol. But I do enjoy 'Touch' and 'Be Yourself Tonight' (I actually have that on vinyl hanging on my wall) and I too liked it when they went R&B.

    Annie Lennox did the 'video album' treatment with 'Diva' as well---they were both just so ahead of their time. 'Diva' is like my LIFELINE. It was one of 'those' albums that got me through college.

  3. I actually (ashamed again) have not heard their post-Tourists (what Annie & Dave were called before the Eurythmics) Eurythmics debut "In the Garden." That's the only one I don't own. I don't care for "We Too Are One" and "Peace" barring select cuts. You're far from a bad fan, lol.

    "Revenge" is arguably my favorite of theirs, with "Be Yourself Tonight," Touch," and "Savage" rounding out the Top 4. The latter really was ill received @ the time. A shame really. Their
    "1984" is epic, I hope you've heard "Sexcrime" (banned from radio @ the time, huge dance hit) and "Julia" which the latter is a great video.

    I own all of Annie's solo efforts as well, "Medusa" & "Bare" are my favorites of the four.-QH

  4. I've only heard their Dusty Springfield cover of "I Only Wanna Be With You"...I think there's a video of it on YouTube. It was okay...Annie Lennox sounded great like she always does, but I rather hear Dusty, LOL. I've heard ~bad~ things about 'We Too Are One' but for me, I just haven't gotten around to it.

    You're gonna hate me, but I didn't care for 'Revenge'...EXCEPT for "The Miracle Of Love", which after "It's Alright Baby's Coming Back" and "You Placed A Chill In My Heart" is my favorite Eurythmics song ever. I heard bits of '1984' and of course "Sexcrime" around high school because we did the play (I was a theater nerd, lol) and we used it for inspiration to get into character. Good times!

  5. Interesting story on "Sexcrime," and no you're cool on "Revenge" it tends to be a record that divides fans to this day. I just like the energy on it, for some reason. WTAO has some strong highlights: "Angel" is a true breath taker, "King & Queen of America" is great, and "Don't Ask Me Why" is amazing. In fact, the picture you used for this is from that video shoot. Great, great song.

    By the way, my favorite Dusty album is "Where Am I Going?" I just copped her Pet Shops Boys produced album "Reputation," it's cute.-QH


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