First Impressions: Co-Signing SWV's Return

Monday, December 19, 2011

What a lovely coincidence...after reminiscing about their holiday jaunt, along comes SWV back with some new tunage. Talk about an ESP moment....

It can be difficult to maneuver the music market when you've been out of the game for a spell---okay, try about twelve years---especially in a timespace where girl groups aren't as prevalent (well, here in the US at least) or as acknowledged as they once were. SWV aren't too worried about this little discrepancy as they are on the climb to a comeback next year. "Co-Sign" is the first step towards what is to come in 2012 for these sisters with voices. On first listen the song is refreshing to hear and has just enough 'oomph' to satisfy the old card carrying R&B heads like myself, as well, as get the youngbloods hooked on a 90's feeling. True, it's not the best thing ever and doesn't really touch the golden moments of their hey-day (their '92 debut, It's About Time is still my jam), but I appreciate the classy stance this song has as well as it sounding like something I could put on repeat and be happy with. Bravo to Taj, Coko and LeeLee for keeping things solid!

Maybe SWV could spark a Renaissance for R&B and encourage newer groups of the same breadth to come out of the woodwork? We can only imagine... 

SWV- Co-Sign


  1. That's great news! Could Brownstone and En Vogue come back too??

  2. One can only wonder, Kit!

    I would love for them to come back. Don't know about the whereabouts of Brownstone (love them!), but I know the original members of En Vogue have been touring for the last couple of years. A friend of mine saw them at some convention she went to a couple of years ago. She said it felt like she was a kid again listening to them. There's been rumors of them working on an album, but nothing official. Here's hoping!

    I so miss those 90's groups.

  3. So do I!! I miss that kind of rnb too, nice lyrics to a smooth & crisp sound. With gorgeous vocals of course.

    btw I saw pictures of En Vogue around the web last year, they looked *exactly* the same (portrait in the attic anyone?)

    I want new records though. :-)

  4. LOL @ portrait in the attic!

    I miss the sound too. I know I talk about it a lot---too much even (LOL), but I guess it's because I grew up during that era and I'm just nostalgic for it. It seemed R&B had a lot more heart to it back then.


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